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Welcome to the Share Christian Music Resource

The Share Songbook - a Baker’s Dozen of the Best!

Hot off the press, The Share Songbook, Volume 1, second edition, features some 50 pages packed with music and lyrics specially composed for you by the Share songteam. It’s an essential addition to any Christian music library. Look at what you get!

  • Where Were You at Our Barbecue? - a well-known story, retold in calypso form
  • My Omnipotent Lord - move closer to Him
  • Bear the Cross Aloft - a powerful teaching for all of us
  • Jesus, What’s Your Middle Name? - a question we have all asked at one time or another
  • Blood of Christ - what’s your tipple?
  • March for Jesus - a strong message, and a strong beat
  • Come Turn to Me - a slower, more thoughtful melody
  • If Jesus Were a Plumber - a thought-provoking number
  • Try and Get By - a song full of advice and hope for these troubled times
  • I Rejoice in Each Day - a song of contemplation
  • The Lord, He’s Awesome - in so many ways
  • Thank You Lord - a cheery, upbeat number
  • Christ is Coming (Lay the Table) - are you ready for a visitor?

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