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Yes! I want to be the first in my gang to have The Share Songbook! R.M., United States

A great resource for our Worship Group! K.S., United Kingdom

This must be of God. Please teach me the way forward. A.M., Zimbabwe

Theologically... sound! F.D., United Kingdom

Welcome to the Share Christian Music Resource

What do we do?

The Share Christian Music Resource brings you the best in modern Christian songs. Free.

We believe in providing you with the original scores for all our songs. If you play an instrument, or if you just want to sing along, we have something just right for you.

Why do we do it?

We searched the Web. We looked for music: the kind of music you're looking for. We looked for original scores. We found nothing. That's why we set up the Share Christian Music Resource.

And why is this great music free?

Because our aim is to spread the music we collect as far and wide as possible. We recognise no boundaries.

Tell me more!

Download some great music today - free! The Share Songbook, Volume 1, second edition: a baker's dozen of the best!

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